Question Authority

It’s true. Maybe the best advice I ever received about business came from a bumper sticker. I guess that also partly explains why I chose advertising, the art of slogan writing and persuasive pictures, as my livelihood.

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Identity Crisis

I knew a guy in high school, Bobby, who wore bright green high-top sneakers every day. He always sat in the same seat on the bus and at lunch. In class, Bobby was quick to raise his hand. And if you needed help with school work, he was right there to lend a hand. He played on the basketball team and was usually good for a couple of rebounds and at least six points. He had a funny laugh too – kinda like a goose on helium. He would tell great stories about his mom and her famous rubber meatloaf. Bobby and I were only casual friends, but I knew he was a good guy. A solid guy.

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Oak Island

On an autumn day in 1785, three young boys tied their rowboat to the shore of Oak Island, a tiny circle of earth off the coast of Nova Scotia. As they explored the island forest, they happened upon a giant old oak tree with a sawed limb – not broken by a natural force, but clearly sawed by a tool. Even more peculiar was the depression in the ground directly under the amputated limb. Treasure!

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How high is your hoop?

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