the process

The best solutions are achieved through a collaborative effort. From the early conceptual stages of the creative process to the final solution, we always encourage client input and feedback. While every client has specific process preferences, the following outlines our important steps.

step 1 : we define clear objectives

Whether it is a logo, a brochure or a Website, we first must completely understand the scope and objectives of the project.

step 2 : we make a schedule

Assigning appropriate time allotments for each step of the process, (or working back from a deadline), we establish a schedule. Then we adhere to it. We don’t miss deadlines.

step 3 : we produce an estimate

We consider our time and materials as well as those of our vendors. Once we arrive at a final estimate, we stick to it. We will not bill over the estimate, unless the specifications of the job change.

step 4 : we gather information

To produce effective communications, we must first become knowledgeable about our clients, their competition – and most importantly their customers.

step 5 : we find the sweet spot

Once we have the info, we analyze it and apply it to find the sweet spot – where the client’s goals and customer’s needs intersect.

step 6 : we create

Exploring as many different options as appropriate, we define and refine the concepts, always keeping the sweet spot in mind.

step 7 : we check for holes

The creative concepts we present must hold water. We check to be sure the solutions meet the objectives and hit the sweet spot.

step 8 : we refine

Discussion. Criticism. Analysis. Together we narrow the playing field to arrive at a final execution.

step 9 : we produce

We go to work to realize our collective vision.

step 10 : we deliver

—on time and on budget.

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